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The Legend Of Justice Wusong (2021)The Legend Of Justice Wusong (2021) (HDRip)

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Produced In: ChinaRelease Date: 7th March 2021
Genre: Drama,
Language: Telugu Dubbed

Categories Telugu Dubbed,
Genres Drama,

Haifeng Ding
Xiyuan Zhang
Changjiang Pan

The Legend Of Justice Wusong 2021:

Ximen Qing has fallen for Pan Jinlian’s unparalleled look, and he bribes Granny Wang in order for him to possess Pan Jinlian. Wu Dalang was kicked to the ground and vomited blood when he caught them red-handed. Under Granny Wang’s and Ximen Qing’s instigation, Pan Jinlian poisoned Wu Dalang and killed him. In order to avenge his brother, Wu Song kills Pan Jinlian, and he beheaded Ximen Qing himself.

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