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Petromax (2022) (Kannada)

134 mins

Released: 15 Jul 2022

Category: Kannada Movies 2022,

Genres: Comedy,

Country: India

Directors: Vijaya Prasad

Writer: Vijaya Prasad

Sathish Neenasam,

Petromax Kannada: Description

Oodbatti Shivappa, Agarbatti Madappa, Krishnamurthy, and Kavita Krishnamurthy grow out of the orphanage. From their childhood till their adolescence, education, and even after finding their jobs, they were still craving the love and compassion of their parents. When they started looking for rented houses, they came across a real estate agent Meenakshi with whom Oodbatti Shivappa falls in love and together they start looking for houses. In this journey of finding a home, they come across a 66-year-old lady Sudha Murthy who agrees to lend her home for rent. She lives in the orphanage like an orphan though she had a son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. At this point, with the help of Sudha Murthy, all four meet each other. After this, the four orphans get to experience the motherly love from Sudha Murthy. The love and affection that Sudha couldn't get from her own son and grandchildren, she started getting from the 4 orphans. Ultimately, all four welcome Sudha Murthy into her house and life, thus permanently accepting her as their mother. In the age of UPS, these guys use Petromax as the source of light and thus find life and light through "PETROMAX".

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