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Blood Valentine (2019)Blood Valentine (2019) (BluRay)

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Produced In: ThailandRelease Date: 20th February 2019
Genre: Action,
Language: Telugu Dubbed

Categories Telugu Dubbed,
Genres Action,

Nattamol Paethanom
Nattapot Potchumnean


Phiravich Attachitsataporn
Metinee Kingpayome
Nitchanart Prommart

Blood Valentine 2019:

Blood Valentine comprises of 3 women, Chris, Rinrada, and Korjai. They are working for Mr. Ralph, the head of a Killer Institution. One major rule of Blood Valentine is that they must not fall in love. However, Rinrada falls in love with Sun, a senior in her university. Chris decides to get rid of Sun and this creates a fracture in her relationship with daughter. As a result, they failed their mission and now they are the one to be eliminated.

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